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Wednesday 12 Jun 2019 01.05 PM

Talks with India must be seen as global respectability, says former Pak envoy

India, Pak envoy

Washington D.C. : Former Pakistan ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani, has said that Pakistan's recent initiatives for talks with India must be seen in the context of the economic and international pressures on Pakistan.

"Pakistan tends to engage in talks with India for global respectability, but its dominant military is unable to shed its ideological aversion to normal ties with India," he observed.

Haqqani wrote in an article recently that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is right to have determined that "talks for talks' sake are meaningless as long as Pakistan refuses to change its view of its larger neighbour as a permanent enemy."

Speaking to reporters in Washington, he reiterated his view that another high-level meeting between Indian and Pakistani officials would be fruitless unless it is accompanied with dismantling of Pakistan's terrorist infrastructure and giving up the notion of India and Pakistan being permanent enemies.

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