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Saturday 04 May 2019 11.28 AM

Pak backs anti-India terror groups, has paid no price for its perfidy, US lawmakers told

Pak, Anti-India terror groups

Washington : Pakistan continues to sponsor terror outfits that launched deadly attacks in India because Islamabad has "paid no price for its perfidy", a prominent think-tank expert has told American lawmakers. “Pakistan continues to sponsor terrorist groups that launched deadly attacks in India. It has paid no price for its perfidy," Bill Roggio, a senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies told lawmakers during a Congressional hearing early this week.

"We must continue to combat state sponsors of terror and make hard decisions about countries such as Pakistan,” he added. Referring to Pakistan's "unwavering support" to Taliban, much to the detriment of the US in Afghanistan, Roggio also disapproved the US move to withdraw troops from there.

“Its support for the Taliban has been unwavering and is leading us to defeat in Afghanistan. I would argue that we have already lost Afghanistan. We are merely attempting to negotiate the terms of our exit,” he told the members of the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Middle East, North Africa and International Terrorism.

The United States disengaging itself from the battle fronts would lead to an easy victory of its enemies, he cautioned. "As our enemies have expanded their base of operations and remain committed to the fight, our will has faltered,” he said. “This is a long war and commitment is key. If we hope to end this threat, we must renew our commitment and to present a united front,” he asserted. In his deposition to the panel, Roggio called for "hard decisions" by the US. PTI

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