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Monday 22 Apr 2019 02.04 PM

Prithiviraj already hinted Mohanlal's directional debut during 'Lucifer' ?

Prithviraj, Mohanlal

The latest buzz of Mohanlal's debut as a director has already sent the fans into a frenzy. Interestingly, a video of actor Prithviraj's comment about a possible movie, directed by Mohanlal had gone viral.

The actor who recently made his directional debut with 'Lucifer' made the comments during one of the promotion programmes of 'Lucifer'.

In the video, Prithvi can be heard as saying that 'Not many people knew this that Lalettan is an excellent filmmaker. We all know him as this spontaneous, gifted, god given skilled actor. But he is an filmmaker also. Mark my words'.

Mohanlal turns director for ‘Barroz’, a 3-D film set in a Portuguese backdrop about a man who stands guard to a 400-year-old treasure of Vasco da Gama, the explorer. The news was put on his blog ‘The Complete Actor’ that was released on Easter.

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