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Saturday 30 Mar 2019 02.46 PM

Will Nirav Modi & Vijay Mallya will share the same jail cell if extradited, UK judge asks prosecutor

nirav modi, vijay mallya

London : There was some light-hearted moments during the second bail plea hearing of Nirav Modi at the UK court when Judge Emma Arbuthnot asked the prosecution whether the fugitive diamond trader would be lodged in the same jail cell along with liquor baron Vijay Mallya if he is also extradited to India.

At the very start of the hearing on Friday, Westminster Magistrates Court Chief Magistrate Arbuthnot said she was getting a sense of "deja vu", in reference to her having ordered the extradition of Mallya in December last year.

"Do we know which part of India he (Modi) is being sought in," the judge asked, to try and establish which jail Modi is likely to be held in. She was told by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), arguing on behalf of the Indian government, that it would be an extradition to Mumbai and that he may in fact be held in the same Arthur Road Jail as that prepared for liquor tycoon Mallya, to which the judge said in a light-hearted vein that it could even be the same cell as we know "there is space" from the previous video submitted during the Mallya extradition trial.

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