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Friday 05 Jul 2019 04.03 PM

TCS World 10K Bengaluru raises INR 5.98 crore for Philanthropy


Bengaluru, 4th July 2019: In an awe-inspiring gesture - #feelthepride - Bengalureans showcased their “heart of gold” by raising an impressive INR 5.98 crore for charity at the Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) World 10K 2019, the world’s premier IAAF Gold Label 10K race held in May. The event’s Philanthropy Partner India Cares Foundation continued its legacy as one of the largest fundraising platforms in India, by raising INR 45.16 crore since the inception of the race in 2008.

With over 24,000 people taking to the streets of Bengaluru in this edition, 57 Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) benefitted from funds raised by the enthusiastic runners and individuals from all walks of life, in support of Children's Education, Women's Empowerment, Mobility Aids for the Disabled, Afforestation, Water conversation and Support for the Elderly among other causes.

Speaking at the occasion, Nagraj Ijari, Vice President & Head Bengaluru Operations at Tata Consultancy Services, said: “TCS World 10K is like a festival in Bangalore. After one person from the family starts running, everyone else joins to run. This initiative has brought families to walk together, run together. It is creating a community. Another pillar of TCS World 10K is philanthropy, 57 organisations run 365 days a year to collect money to support others. We are celebrating those champions. We need more champions like this. Thank you all NGOs in contributing, next year will be bigger and better.”

Funds raised through individual fundraisers irrespective of social and economic demographics have impacted CSO’s across the country. 41% funds raised towards Education causes followed by 36% for Disability.

INR 5.98 crore in clearly-tracked figures raised for various causes

Since 2008, the event has raised over INR 45.15 crores

Isha Vidya is the for the 3rd time, the highest fund-raising CSO with INR 79.64 lakh raised

Dwaraka Pandurangi has raised Rs 46.04 lakh as the highest fundraiser for Vidyasagar, a Chennai based CSO/ NGO

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Friday 05 Jul 2019 04.03 PM