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Tuesday 21 Aug 2018 11.21 AM

'100 cows are trapped in flood' ( along with 1 lakh people): Tovino taunts center

100 cows, Tovino Thomas, center

Mollywood actor Tovino is among the few persons who doesn't believe in arm chair activism or limiting the contribution by signing off cheques for the flood hit Kerala. The actor was one of the few celebrities who willingly gotten his hands dirty by working in the grassroot level in the relief operations.

Even though the people from various corners appealed the central government to declare the event as a national disaster, Central government is adamant on not declaring the Kerala floods as national disaster by citing various laws.

Actor Tovino also took his Instagram account to express the displeasure over the centre's attitude towards the state. He posted a cheeky poster which said '100 cows are trapped in flood ( with 1,00,000 people ), We need central assistance.'

The actor was obviously taking a dig at the central government's love for the cows over humans.

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