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Friday 05 Apr 2019 05.22 PM

Before the Hon’ble Sub Court, Ernakulam

Before the Hon’ble Sub Court, Ernakulam

IA No. 4019 of 2018
IA No. 1018 of 2019

L.A.R. No. 12/1997

Petitioner/2nd Respondent: General Manager (LPG), Kerala State Office, Panampilly Avenue, Panampilly Nagar P.O., Cochin - 682036, Rep. by CN Rajendra kumar, S/o. late C. Nalinakshan, aged 56 years, residing at Flat No. 5A, Amrit Retreat, Off: K.P. Vallon Road, Kadavanthra, Ernakulam-20.

Respondents/Claimant/Addl. 8th Respondent: Jessy, D/o. Mariam Joseph, Anjilikkal Vazhathara, Udayamperoor P.O., Ernakulam - 682 307, (Respondents 3 to 8 are the legal heirs of the 1st respondent/claimant).


Whereas the said Petitioner have instituted the above I.A. against the aforesaid parties for the refund of the excess amount deposited before this Hon’ble Court by the petitioner herein. You are hereby summoned to appear in this court in person or by a pleader duly instructed, and able to answer all material questions relating to the said I.A. or who shall be accompanied by some person, able to answer all wuch questions on the 12th April, 2019 at 11O’ Clock in the forenoon, to answer the claim, and as the day fixed for your appearance is appointed for the final disposal of the said I.A. your must be prepared to produce on that day all the witnesses upon whose evidence and all the documents upon which you intend to only in support of your defence. Take notice, that in default of your appearance on the day before mentioned, the said IA will be heard and determined in your absence. Given under my hand and seal of the court. This day of 28/3/2019.

By Order

Sindhu Santhalingam (Sd/-)

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Friday 05 Apr 2019 05.22 PM
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