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Monday 09 Jul 2018 01.04 PM

Mohanlal breaks silence over Dileep issue

Dileep, AMMA, WCC, Mohanlal

Thiruvananthapuram : In a first ever press meet after the controversies in Malayalam Film Industry, AMMA President and actor Mohanal has said that an executive meeting will be held in the first week of August to discuss the issues.

Admitting the crisis over Dileep nearly wrecked AMMA, Mohanlal added that they should've held a press meeting after the general body meeting which started the whole scenario. The actor also rendered an apology for not conducting the press meet after the meeting. Asserting that AMMA stood with the victim from the beginning, Mohanlal rejected the actress's claim of complaining against Dileep over sabotaging her career.

Mr Lal said that he was not aware of any such complaints. Mohanlal also questioned that why none of the WCC members attended the meeting and objectioned the matter. 'None of the members who attended the meeting raised objection against the decision to re-instate Dileep', he added.

Mohanlal further added that Dileep will be reinstated into AMMA if the actor is proven innocent. While replying to a question about the WCC, Lal said that only two of the WCC members including Bhavana and Remya Nambeeshan handed over their resignation. However, Lal also added that the general body will take the final call, if the actresses want to be reinstated.

Replying to the media over controversial skit during AMMA star night, Mohanlal pointed that the theme of the skit was a black humour and women representatives in the film body wrote the screenplay.

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