Monday, June 24, 2019 Last Updated 5 Min 51 Sec ago Malayalam Edition
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Monday 24 Jun 2019 09.55 AM

Kodiyeri was well-aware of the issue : reveals lawyer

Kodiyeri, Lawyer

Mumbai : In a latest turn of events, it was revealed that CPM State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan was aware of the about his son Binoy Kodiyeri.

KP Sreejith, a Mumbai based advocate who acted as mediator between the Mumbai woman and Kodieri Family made the revelation that Kodiyeri was well aware of the issue, contradicting the party leader's earlier statement that he knew nothing.

Mr Sreejith claimed that Kodiyeri believed the case was nothing but a blackmailing scandal. He also confirmed the reports that Vinodhini, Kodiyeri wife reached out the girl for a compromising talk.

Asked if he knew about the activities of Binoy, Kodiyeri shot back: “Is it possible for a parent to accompany them (children) when they go abroad? Which parent can do that?”

Kodiyeri on Saturday made it clear that Binoy has to handle the situation without expecting any help from his parents.

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