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Wednesday 19 Jun 2019 02.25 PM

Rima's 'fish fry' talk resurfaces after Aamir Khan shares 10-second films !

Aamir Khan, Kiran Rao,

Actor Aamir Khan has shared two films made by wife, filmmaker Kiran Rao. However, the most interesting thing about these films are that they were only 10-second-long.

Sharing one of the films, Aamir wrote: “Hey guys, Kiran has made some 10 sec films. I didn’t know it was even possible to tell a story in 10 seconds! She has shown me how. Check them out .

One of the video show the disparity towards the girl child, while giving milk.  Seeing the obvious disparity, the boy besides her pours milk from his glass to evenly divide it between them. The video ends with the message: “It takes a few seconds to show change.”

Interestingly, many of the Malayalies found that it was oddly similar to the things spoken up by actress Rima Kallingal in a TedX talk organized in Kerala. In her Ted talk, Rima stated that her journey towards feminism began with a fish fry, where she demanded a fish fry for her just like her brother.

But unfortunately, she was attacked and trolled for days for mentioning such a 'silly matter' in such a prestigious platform. However, now many pointed out that Rima had been talked about the same issues back then. Meanwhile, the actress had shared the 10-second video in her social media platform with the caption 'fish fry'.

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