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Thursday 14 Mar 2019 11.41 AM

Sabarimala Hartal : Police to file charges against BJP leaders in 1907 cases

Sabarimala Hartal

Kochi : The State Police Chief on Wednesday informed the Kerala High Court that the leaders of BJP, RSS, Hindu Aikyavedai and Sabarimala Karma has been arraigned as the accused in the hartal violence on January 2 and 3 in the state..

According to the Supreme Court order, the State Police Chief submitted the name of the leaders who called the hartal for protest against the women entry in Sabarimala.

Hindu Aikya Vedi leaders including KP Sasikala, SJR Kumar, KS Radhakrishnan, Govindh Bharathan and BJP leaders P S Sreedharan Pillai, K Surendran, MT Ramesh, AN Radhakrishnan, PK Krishnadas, O Rajagopal MLA and V Muraleedharan MP and PEB Menon, Pranth Sangh Chalak, RSS had been named in the report.

As per the reports, they were named as accused in 1,073 cases and they are liable for the damages and loss caused to the public excheuer and private parties.

The hartal on January 3 was called by Sabarimala Karma Samithi. The state witnessed many violent incidents amounting to criminal offences at the behest of the protesters.

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