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Thursday 06 Dec 2018 11.04 AM

Aadhar holders may get opportunity to opt out

Aadhaar, Opt Out

New Delhi : The central government is finalising a proposal to amend the Aadhaar Act to give all citizen an option to withdraw their Aadhaar number, bio metrics and data, said a report in Hindu.

The move came followed by the Supreme Court judgment in September that upheld the validity of Aadhaar. A Constitution Bench had struck down section 57 of the act, that allows the private entities to use the Unique Number of Verification

The court also added that linking it with bank accounts and SIM cards was unconstitutional. The initial UIDAI proposal said that once a child turns 12 he/she given six months to decide if he/she wants to withdraw from Aadhaar.

However, if a person opts out of the Aadhaar scheme, they wont be able to avail those government schemes and subsidies wherein Aadhaar linkage is still mandatory.

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