Thursday, November 08, 2018 Last Updated 0 Min 39 Sec ago Malayalam Edition
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Thursday 08 Nov 2018 09.42 AM

Congress demands apology from PM Modi over demonetisation

Congress, PM Modi, demonetisation

New Delhi : The Congress today demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi should apologise to the country for ruining and wrecking its economy.

The congress leaders also said that they will hold a nationwide protest against the complete demolition of the Indian economy unleashed by the Tuglaq farmaan of demonetisation two years ago.

PM Modi stood up two years ago on November 8 and addressed the nation, demonetising almost Rs 16.99 lakh crore in circulation, Tewari said.

The three reasons given for that "Tughlaqi farmaan" were that it would curb black money, weed out fake notes and proscribe terror financing, but two years later none of those objectives have materialised, he added.

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