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Monday 10 Sep 2018 11.32 AM

'Ajay Bharat, Atal BJP' : Modi's slogan for 2019 polls

PM Modi, New Slogan

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on last day coined a new slogan 'Ajay Bharat, Atal BJP for the 2019 polls, highlighting his party's commitment to its core values and the country's progress and forward march under the governance.

'Ajay Bharat, Atal BJP', the new slogan means an India which is victorious and cannot be subjugated by anyone and a party which is committed to its principles.

Taking a dig at the grand alliance of the opposition, Modi said that people who do not see eye to eye are thinking of a grand alliance. Its is vindication of our work. Modi also added that not even small parties were not ready to accept the leadership of the Congress in such an alliance.

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