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Friday 29 Jun 2018 11.20 AM

Messi surprises world cup reporter with one simple gesture

Messi, world cup reporter

Argentine footballer on last day gave a journalist the shock of his life after the Nigeria match by revealing he was wearing a good luck ribbon sent by the reporters' mother in his boot.

Both Messi and team Argentina was under immense pressure from the media and supporters to deliver the crucial match against Nigeria.

After the match, Messi was speaking to the media when he was greeted by TV reporter Rama Pantarotto, who mentioned that his mother send the ribbon.

Shocking the reporter, Messi said he remembered it before showing he had tied the ribbon around his ankle during the game. The reporter was left in shock as he looked to the sky and later embraced Messi.

Later he tweeted 'My dear mother sent a gift to Messi of a red ribbon,' alongside the video. 'And the master tied it on his left ankle. I cry!'

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