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Sunday 23 Jul 2017 03.48 PM

Team Five' movie makers against distributors

S Sreesanth, Team Five, Distributors

Kochi: The Producer and the Director of the Sreesanth starring movie ‘Team Five' has come with an allegation against distributors regarding the promotion of their movie. While addressing media in a press meet the Producer Raj Zacharia alleged that there were attempts to suppress his film and they failed to get cooperation from distributors.

The producer alleged that the distributing agencies responsible to post posters betrayed them by not putting enough posters. Lack of publicity lead to pubic unawareness about the film release.
The Director Suresh Govind said that they receive good responses for the movie but distributors incorporation disappoint them.

Meanwhile, the Distributors Association President Siyad Koker denied all the allegations stating that it was the mistake from producer's part not giving proper promotion for the movie.

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Sunday 23 Jul 2017 03.48 PM